Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

This is my first post on “Photographs From North Wales” and where better to write about than the Great Orme. Anyone visiting the sea-side resorts of Talacre, Prestatyn, Rhyl, in fact anywhere along the coast to Llandudno can’t miss the limestone headland that is called the Great Orme.

Great Orme

Classed as a Nature Reserve by Conwy Borough Council the Great Orme is home to many rare species of wildlife and flowers, including horseshoe bats and the critically endangered Wild Cotoneaster, which is down to 6 plants known to exist in the wild. On the cliffs, colonies of seabirds find nesting sites and usually you can see guillemots, kittiwakes, razorbills, fulmars and of course gulls who terrorise tourists in nearby Llandudno by stealing food from them. At the bottom of the cliffs you can find barnacles, red beadlet anemones and hermit crabs living in the many rock pools

Known to have been mined for copper in the Bronze Age there is evidence that the Romans also worked the earlier created mines. After the Romans, mining didn’t resume until the late 17th century where it continued until the end of the 19th century.

Tourism on the Great Orme really started when a road was built about 1878. About 4 miles in length (6.4km) the road is now a one way toll road leading to Saint Tudno’s Church, the Bronze Age Copper Mines and the Summit Complex and car park.

The say every good blog should start  or finish with a question. So what did you think of my first Weekly Photo Challenge post?

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