Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

“Better late than never” as they say. Although saying that I have an excuse, I was on vacation in Scotland. Lots of mountains, lakes, forests and tourists. Come to think of it North Wales is a bit like that so maybe not so much of a vacation after all. Anyway for this weeks challenge I have decided to show you the tower at Parys Mountain on Anglesey.

Beware of Edge

Located just south of Amlwch on the isle of Anglesey it’s not easy to miss the mountain because the tower, even though it’s quite small, dominates the skyline. Once the site of a large 18th century copper miner, Parys Mountain looks desolate but just as equally beautiful in its own way.

It is known the the mountain was mined for valuable copper ore as far back as the early Bronze Age. Copper and arsenic, later copper and tin were combined as an alloy make tools, weapons, armour and building materials which were far harder than just their copper versions. During excavations of Parys Mountain in 2002 debris was found dating back nearly 4000 years making Parys Mountain one of the few sites in Britain known to have prehistoric links to early metal mining.

Today, Parys Mountain is no longer mined for copper ore. Instead there is a way marked trail giving great views to Amlwch Port and Trysglwyn wind farm. The landscape of the mountain has a strange appearance, very little grows there, due to the high levels of soil contamination, and the heavily mined appearance makes it suitable for filming of science fiction films.

But a word of warning. The paths are hard on the feet, so wear boots and stick to the paths. Don’t be tempted to stray as there are some sudden drops. Not particularly high but enough tear a tendon or break a bone if caught unawares. Stick to the paths and enjoy Parys Mountain for what it is.

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