The Perils Of Sat-Nav

I use Sat-Nav all the time. It’s essential to help me find some of the isolated churches that I have been photographing in rural North Wales. Once you get off the main A-Roads many of the quieter roads between the villages are not much more than single carriageway farm tracks with passing places every so often.

On Top Of The Hill

This one is marked as unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles and there are warning signs further back down the road. So you can imagine my surprise when this lorry from a well-known DIY chain in the UK went thundering past me.


I’ve been on this road before and I know how narrow it becomes. There are also some really sharp right hand bends on it and along with the width of the road is why it’s unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles. I could see some problems ahead and as I was going that way anyway I decided to keep my camera handy.

On top of the hill, the road is quite open but further down it is enclosed by trees either side. That house you can see is close to the road and there’s a sharp right hand bend where the walls of the house are. Meanwhile our lorry driver is knocking bits of tree branches onto the road as the top of his truck catches them on the way down the hill.


Oops! He’s not going to make it. That back wheel is close to the wall and you can see the truck is tilting towards it.


Anyway, nine attempts at reversing back a bit and then going forward he finally managed to squeeze through.


Further down the hill our gallant truck driver came to small bridge across a river. This time he only took four attempts to negotiate the bend.

What about you? Do you use Sat-Nav. Do you trust it? I’d love to hear from you.

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