Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

I have often wondered if you can have a minimalist landscape. To me landscapes are so rich in detail and yet when I look through my back catalogue I can find many photographs that could qualify as minimalist depending on how you interpret the word. I hate these open to interpretation themes. But that’s the nature of the WordPress Weekly Challenges. Some are very good. I know more or less straight away which photograph I will probably use. Some are wishy-washy. I have to search through my back catalogue to find something that I think will fit the theme. And so to this weeks photograph.

Grey Day

I’m not so sure that it qualifies as minimalist, there’s a lot going on even although it looks quite simple. The waves, the clouds, the ripples in the water, the shapes in the sand all contribute to what I consider to be quite a complex photograph, but as Seyda Deligonul once said;

“The tension between nature’s complexity and the minimalist expression of it fascinates me”

Admittedly my eye is drawn to the groyne marker. It dominates the scene, maybe to the detriment of everything else. But can you see the couple walking on the beach or maybe the gull flying out to sea? So I’ll leave you with question.

Minimalist, Yes or No?


Over To You...

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