Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

As my old granny used to say “you need your head feeling”. Yesterday I ended up at Llyn Cowlyd about 1100 feet above Trefriw. It’s remote, lonely and desolate, there doesn’t seem to be any inhabitation in the valley, only the pipeline that runs down the valley to Dolgarrog Power Station and a row of electricity poles.


This weeks challenge is about achievement and you might be wondering where this post is going? To me, it’s an achievement that after my fall in the Llanberis Pass I chose to visit this remote location on my own for another photography trip out. This time I was more careful where I put my feet and with an intermittent phone signal it’s not the place to have another fall.

Llyn Cowlyd

Llyn Cowlyd is now a reservoir with a dam and that’s where I’m standing when I took this photograph. On the dam. It’s the best viewpoint but you only have a narrow path to walk along as the dam slopes away from you into the water.

Rusty Gate

The rusty gate looks out-of-place as it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose. Maybe it’s to keep the sheep from walking out on those rocks. Talking of sheep, they seemed to be the only inhabitants in the valley. The whole time I was there I never heard a bird sing or call out and even the sheep were pretty quiet. Loudest sound came from that pipeline and it was quite eerie, hard to describe but I think it was the echo of the water slapping against the tower and being carried down the pipe.

At this point I would normally add some tags and related articles from Zemanta which has always been my goto when I’m looking for other WordPress Bloggers who are writing about the Weekly Photo Challenge. However in recent months Zemanta has not been coming up with articles that I want to include and some really weird tagging suggestions. I’ve tried working with the folks at Zemanta and a couple of times I thought they had fixed the problem but it seems it’s gone down again. I mean why would I want to tag this post with Chicago City Hall, or what about Ray Hanania, whoever that is.

Related articles is even better. “Sports Smackdown at 6pm” from 247Miami.tv or maybe “Wife of Muammar Gaddafi wants to return to Libya” by famagusta-gazette.com are really related to a post about a dam in North Wales. Sorry Zemanta you need to retune that algorithm again if you want me to keep using your plugin. Do you use Zemanta? Are you getting the results you expect from it?



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