Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

Well this is an interesting challenge this week. I didn’t set out today to capture these daffodils. In fact I didn’t know they existed in the location that they are, more importantly I didn’t even know that the location existed. You’ll note that I keep saying location, There’s a reason. I was asked not to publish where I found these daffodils are they are in a protected area. Suffice to say I was in the Conwy Valley, although “in the valley” is probably the wrong thing to say as I was about 850 feet up on the side of a hill.


The whole area is carpeted with Daffodils, This photograph doesn’t really do it justice as they just seemed to stretch on and on along the hillside. Twenty minutes before this photograph I was sheltering from the rain and hailstone shower. Not easy when you are stuck on the side of a hill but thank goodness for one of the old ruined buildings that dot the North Wales landscape. It was cold as well with a blustery wind, the remnants of the storms we’ve been having in the past few days. But as soon as I stepped into this little cleft in the hillside, the sun came out, the wind dropped, even the odd spot of rain that was in the air stopped. Perfect!

What’s the connection with Ephemeral?  These daffodils will only be there another week or so, returning again next year.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

In the woods near me grows edible Wild Garlic and during Spring it fills the air with a strong garlic scent. But often the leaves are mistaken for Lily of the Valley and this leads to cases of poisoning every year.

Wild Garlic

I would never forage in the wild for fungi or other edible plants unless I had an expert with me, the consequences of getting it wrong can be deadly serious. As a rule of thumb it’s suggested that rubbing the leaves to check for a garlic-like smell is a good indicator you have the right plant, but I still think I would go with an expert, and what if the smell is still on my hands when I check the next plant. What would you do?

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