Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

..As a boy in school, my twin subject areas of strongest interest were Mathematics and Art. Photography combines the two so I feel I’ve really landed on my feet. I originally wanted to be a painter – I seemed to be good in that medium, but I didn’t see myself surviving in England. I felt that I needed a way to make a living and photography is an ideal vehicle for both survival and personal expression. – Michael Kenna

Now I was never that great at Mathematics in school, or Art for that matter. But in later years I came to be quite proficient in Mathematics at least. I see my photography today as Art. Photographing the rugged landscapes in the Snowdonia National Park and our North Wales coast is my way of expressing myself.

The Tree

This tree on the edge of Llyn y Dywarchen has always intrigued me. How did it end up there? Maybe it was planted for a reason but look at the surrounding landscape. But I think I know why it’s there. As you follow the wall towards the tree there are the remains of an abandoned stone house. Perhaps the owner of the house planted it? Interestingly enough, if you walk further around the lake you will find another abandoned house. It’s got a tree also, well a couple to be precise.

This Old House

A week or so ago I was on the coast waiting for the sun to set. But I’d got the tide times wrong. The tide was on the way in and I knew I was never going to see that setting sun. At least not from the spot I was currently standing on. Time to move before I get my feet wet…and it’s not the first time that’s happened. I broke the golden rule. Forgot to look behind me. Last summer I was so busy concentrating on getting the sunset I didn’t spot the tide creeping in behind my back. Fortunately I spotted it in time and had to paddle through a small puddle to a drier part of the beach. has that ever happened to you? Frightening at first. My first thought was had the stretch of water turned the sand into quicksand, I must admit I was glad to be carrying my tripod that day.

52 in 2015 Week 3 Silhouette

Here in North Wales I think as photographers we are extremely lucky. The National Park is easily accessible, as is our coastline. We get some amazing sunsets throughout the year, even in wintertime. What more could we ask for?

Talacre Sunset

Snow can sometimes be found on the mountains, transforming the landscape, making everything look brighter and enabling us to photograph “something different”

Cwm Idwal

I think you can see from this series of photographs that I enjoy getting out, photographing our wonderful landscapes. Am I expressing myself? I hope you think I am….


Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

I was thinking about what photograph to show for the Weekly Photo Challenge and then this evening  I caught this amazing sunset on Ffrith Beach at Prestatyn. I had to share it.

Ffrith Beach sunset

Has it got a connection to Angular? Who cares? Look at that sunset it’s amazing and I almost missed it. I got down the beach at 2:45pm thinking that maybe I get something. But as the sun started to set behind Snowdon it wasn’t looking to good and I was thinking about packing up. Especially as it was starting to get quite cold on the beach. Suddenly the sky started to colour up, little bit of orange at first, then some reds and then purples. Oh! Boy. It was beginning to look really good, not something you want to miss. I was firing off photograph after photograph constantly changing my position on the beach to get different items in the foreground. Then I got a lucky break when I realised that one of the groyne markers further along the beach was now fully exposed as the tide went out. Quick dash and this is the result.

Now then. What about Angular. If you look, there are lots of angles, the way the pole is bent, the chains holding the pole upright, even the triangular marker at the top of the pole. What do you think? Does the photograph fit the brief?

Why You Should Always Look Behind You

So there I am on the beach last night waiting for sunset and then the moon to rise. A chance to capture the “super-moon and also get this Groyne Marker silhouetted against it. What is they say about the best laid plans? Oh! Sure the sun was setting. But I couldn’t see it. Not behind that cloud.


If the light is great in front of you, you should turn around and see what it is doing behind you. – Jay Maisel

That seemed like good advice, even if the light isn’t great in front of you, turn around. You never know what might be behind you. On the beach the tide might be coming in. In the wild, it could be a grizzly or a tiger. Not that we see too many of them here in North Wales, but you never know?

Anyway back to the photograph. When I turned round from the non-existent sunset I could see the storm clouds building up. No chance of a super-moon last night, but the ripples in the sand make for a good texture. Time to get off the beach. That’s it from me this week……and don’t forget.

It’s Behind You….

Summer Lovin’–Yeah Right!

I hate summer. For photography, at least. If you’ve trekked somewhere with the backpack holding the camera, lenses, tripod, food and drink you’re usually hot and bothered by the time you get there. If you’re like me, pale skinned, you’ve got to the slap the lotion on as well and that just makes me feel icky and don’t forget the bugs which bite the hell out of you. So yeah, I hate summer. But what about you?

Shall I continue? Trying to get a decent landscape photograph in harsh sunlight is not my idea of fun either.

Llyn Peninsula

I like this photograph, mainly because of the foreground interest but I do think it lacks something, it just looks rather flat. Whereas the sunset offers more in my opinion.


There’s detail in the shadows and the highlights, the photograph looks warm and not so harsh, more like I prefer.

Well that’s it for this week and I’d just like to finish by saying sometimes I wonder about the theme choices of WordPress. Summer Lovin’ give me a break….