Weekly Photo Challenge: Rule Of Thirds

For my blog I store my photographs on Flickr and then link them into my posts using the excellent plugin for Windows Live Writer called Flickr4Writer. In all the years I have been using it Flickr4Writer has never let me down, apart from once when Flickr changed their API rules. Give him his due, when I notified Tim Heuer, the developer of Flickr4Writer, about the problem he quickly issued a new version of the plugin compatible with Flickr.

This morning uploaded some photographs to Flickr for this post but when I went to insert them into Windows Live Writer they just weren’t showing in the catalogue. To cut a long story short after a lot of time trying to resolve the problem myself I’ve had to contact Tim again to see if he can help. It could be Flickr have changed something again, they often do without telling anyone.

In the meantime, having wasted a lot of time today trying to sort the problem I’m extremely late in posting this challenge entry. Unfortunately I will have to use the limited space that WordPress provide for storing photographs

Rule of Thirds

I hate using the WordPress provided storage. But at the moment I have to use it.


Summer Lovin’–Yeah Right!

I hate summer. For photography, at least. If you’ve trekked somewhere with the backpack holding the camera, lenses, tripod, food and drink you’re usually hot and bothered by the time you get there. If you’re like me, pale skinned, you’ve got to the slap the lotion on as well and that just makes me feel icky and don’t forget the bugs which bite the hell out of you. So yeah, I hate summer. But what about you?

Shall I continue? Trying to get a decent landscape photograph in harsh sunlight is not my idea of fun either.

Llyn Peninsula

I like this photograph, mainly because of the foreground interest but I do think it lacks something, it just looks rather flat. Whereas the sunset offers more in my opinion.


There’s detail in the shadows and the highlights, the photograph looks warm and not so harsh, more like I prefer.

Well that’s it for this week and I’d just like to finish by saying sometimes I wonder about the theme choices of WordPress. Summer Lovin’ give me a break….